Moto Saikyou no Kenshi wa, Isekai Mahou ni Akogareru

Kouzuki Shin / Amano Chiharu

A man who lived for the sword, died for the sword after battle with the strongest known being, the Dragon God. At the verge of his death, in his heart there came an admiration for magic and Dragon God as reward answered and granted him this wish, but in the form of a transmigration to another world… But, in that world, Souma, was branded as incompetent person instead. Thus, the man who was once called the Sword God, the strongest swordsman in history, while carrying the strength from his previous life and unbeknownst to other people, he now aims to fulfill his one and only admiration… to be able to use magic.

  • Last Update: 2021-03-25